Live Level Journal

A gathering of stories from our community of creative outdoor dwellers, makers and doers.
Plus the latest happenings from Mark & the team.

James Craven making leather wallets

Flat Leather
– meet the maker

We spent a morning with the splendid human that is James Craven, AKA Flat Leather. James hand makes our beautiful wallets from scratch and hand stitches them too. Take a look at our photo journal of his process and hear the inspiration behind his beautifully minimalist design…

Rucksack magazine volume 2 cover

Rucksack Magazine
– meet the curators

We caught up with Mirko and Lauren to hear about the inspiration behind the beautiful rucksack magazine – what’s in store for volume 2; the challenges along the way and exciting analogue and digital ideas for the future…

Traveller white T-shirt

– in the making

A photo journal documenting the 21 processes that went into creating out Traveller design through from dog-rough pencil sketch, to lino cut through to being hand screen printed in our hometown Sheffield. Not as simple as print and stick 😉 

Pop-up shop

Pop-up shop
– TLC on tour

In a world of e-commerce brands run from laptops across the globe, we think there is nothing better than getting out there – showing our beautiful products and meeting our wonderful customers, Check out our little pop-up shop and dates for this summer, and come and say hi…