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Making our clothing

We create our products in a way that minimises impact to our planet and is fair or Level to the skilled people who make them. It’s in our name.

We are the opposite of fast fashion; we create beautiful and functional products that are made to be enjoyed for many years.

All of our backpacks, clothing and accessories are made slowly in small batches in the UK and beyond.


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Each of our backpacks is handmade to order from start to finish in Sheffield, UK by Sarah –our master seamstress. As an artist signs their work, Sarah hand signs the woven label inside of each backpack.

All of the natural ingredients were researched and sourced in the UK by founder Mark Musgrave:

  • Waxed organic cotton outer shell from Halley Stevensons in Scotland

  • Vegetable tanned leather from Derbyshire (vegan options available)

  • Chunky cotton webbing – woven and dyed in Cheshire

  • Strap and lumber padding from re-purposed wool rich carpet fibres made in Yorkshire

  • Cotton drill lining from London

  • Stainless steel buckles laser cut and polished in Sheffield

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The story behind our Winnats Roll Top Backpacks

Our Winnats Roll Top backpack began life as a scribble in founder Mark Musgrave’s sketchbook. We brought the idea to life through a Kickstarter campaign in 2017 supported by our community of adventurers. Take a look at the creative journey in our video below.


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Tees and Sweaters

The organic cotton:

All of our T-shirts and sweaters are made from organic cotton sourced from a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton farm in India. This means that all of the cotton is grown without using harmful fertilisers or pesticides. Such chemicals often pollute rivers – the source of drinking water and cleansing for local communities; causing health problems.

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Making our tees and sweaters:

All of our tees and sweaters are ethically made in India and Bangladesh in factories which have been approved by the FairWear Foundation – a non-profit organisation who assess fair and proper working conditions, living wages, maximum and minimum working hours and employment terms for workers including the right to form a union.


The designs:

Each of our adventure-inspired designs are created by founder Mark Musgrave in collaboration with illustrators and typographers – developing sketch book scribbles into beautiful artwork using authentic tools from lino cut to pen and ink.

Traveller lino ink Traveller tracing © The Level Collective.jpeg

Take a look at our Travelling in the making journal post which documents the full creative process behind our popular Traveller design.

The printing

Our artwork is then hand screen printing in Sheffield by Rowan using environmentally friendly water-based inks. This means that there are no nasty plastics and chemicals (found in plastisol inks) being washed down the plug hole.

Traveller screen printing © The Level Collective.jpeg

Hand screen printing is a skilled, analogue printing technique which has been used for decades. Although there are many alternative digital printing techniques available, which are faster and probably more cost effective – nothing beats the clarity of image and authenticity of finish achieved through screen printing.