our philosophy


We are The Level Collective.

We aim to Live Level – to pursue a balanced life. Where hard graft meets restful connection. Where work meets play. Where urban meets wilderness.

We believe in purposeful vocation – investing our time and energy into meaningful toil.

But we know that real life is found through reconnecting with nature, ourselves and being amongst our favourite humans – camaraderie with kindred spirits.

We love to travel – to explore new places, and experience different ways of life. We are refreshed and inspired by time spent in the mountains, waves and forests.

We design beautiful and functional products for people to enjoy in the wild and the city– for the commute and wilderness pursuit.


To Live Level is to be fair to others and to care for our planet – where freedom meets responsibility.

We are the opposite of fast fashion.

Our collection of products are handmade in the UK & beyond in small batches in collaboration with artists and makers – bringing our ideas and sketch book scribbles to life.

Each product is made in a way that is respectful and fair to the skilled person who made it. We partner with collaborators, not suppliers.

Our products are made from natural, organic and recycled ingredients as we strive to minimise impact to our planet.

Durability is an important part of sustainability. So we create beautiful, functional products that are designed to be enjoyed for many years – products which gain character and beauty with age – wear-in, not out.

We believe that as humans; the clothing we wear, how they are made, and the brands we choose to support; are all an expression of our values and identity. Our money is our voting tokens.

We aim to inspire people to support ethical, sustainable and independent brands – buy less, buy well.