We lead by example, putting people and planet before profit, and craft purposeful product as an expression of these values. Timeless supplies inspired by adventures in the seasons found outside, not those dictated by fashion.

We make all our supplies slowly in small batches only. Mainly in Britain. Often using traditional analogue processes, with waste designed out and sustainability stitched in, and only the finest natural, organic and recycled ingredients.

Goods designed for days in the city and weekends in the wild, handcrafted with the care and attention of old – to endure, to perform, and gain character through age and adventure.

Naturally, we share our product journeys. From the seeds sown, to the many skilled hands that help bring our ideas to life. To reassert clothing as craft, with heritage and meaning; as companions for life’s adventures, and not as disposable commodities.

Through our work we hope to inspire good choices in others, and show the value of supporting ethical, sustainable brands. Not only in fashion but in all areas of life. Because together we are powerful. We shape the future, and every choice we make counts, no matter how small.

We remain ever hopeful, yet mindful of the wider challenges, too. That’s why we pledge 3% for People & Planet. It’s our commitment to others doing positive work, supporting vulnerable communities and protecting our planet. It's also why our orders are picked, packed and posted by Mail Out, a social enterprise that specifically trains and employs adults with learning difficulties.

And yet we never arrive. We are rigorous folk, ever in pursuit of improvement. To ourselves, our product and our overall impact. We see it as positive graft; part of the richness and challenge of modern day life. But, still we are drawn to nature for realignment and balance.

In search of a life less hurried. Away from screens, duties, distractions and demands. Seeking pause and play. Restful reconnection and camaraderie with kindred spirits, long nights by the fire and under the stars. To find freedom in the vastness of mountains, the stillness of forests, and the ferocity of oceans.

The wild is where we feel most alive, and it's from where we return ready to do our best work. To us, it’s a life force. It inspires us and all we create. 

So go seek adventure and connection in nature. Be part of shaping a brighter, more purposeful future. Live a balanced life.

Live level.