Creating a balanced life: In conversation with The Level Collective

"Standing against the tide of mass produced consumer goods with a short lifespan, Mark Musgrave of The Level Collective imagined something better: a brand that puts ethics , sustainability and beauty above all else." 



Bags for Life

"Embracing slow fashion and a spirit for adventure, Mark Musgrave designs organic backpacks and clothing from his workshop on the Cornish Coast" 



On Level Ground

"In a world infused with impatience, The Level Collective are slowing things down."



The sustainable fashion brands everyone should know about

"Each collection of products that The Level Collective puts out is handmade in the UK and beyond in small batches in collaboration with artists and makers, and each product is made in a way that is respectful and fair to the skilled person who made it; it prides itself on partnering with collaborators rather than suppliers."



Stylish and Ethical Outdoor Clothing

"Stylish and ethical outdoor brand The Level Collective are developing quite a reputation for their 'British made' backpacks and outdoor clothing. We spoke to Founder Mark Musgrave about adventure lifestyle , 'the Collective' and how sustainable or 'level' his outdoor gear is."



Logan Day Pack Review

"There’s an immediate sense of quality about the Logan Day Pack. Understandable when you consider the excellent choice of materials and hardware, the top-notch craftsmanship, and the attention to detail."

Winnats Roll Top Review

"I love well-made things and seeing the thought and care that people have put into making them. And for me, this pack offers that. From the material choices to the craftsmanship, everything exudes a sense of quality and durability." 

Scout Pack Review

"The Scout Pack exudes quality as soon as you see it. And that sense of premium quality only increases when you handle the bag and venture out with it. This is due to a combination of excellent construction and top-notch materials and hardware."



Slow It Down: Conscious Fashion Pieces for Men

"Conscious choices with style can protect the environment and revive dwindling crafts"





Conscious Clothing Brands From the UK Worth Supporting

"Reduce your impact by supporting local brands... The Level Collective creates organic clothing and backpacks in the UK by collaborating with artists and makers."



Best walking socks that keep feet warm, comfortable and dry

"Best Overall - The Level Collective Merino Trail Socks"





Sustainable Fashion Brands Based In The UK That You Will Love

"If you are looking for a new backpack that you can use both in the city and for country walks? Then you need to head over to The Level Collective. The Level Collective design bags that will suit all your needs from commuting to work or hiking up a mountain. Furthermore, you will be happy to know that your sustainable bag will be made from natural and recycled materials and that it is designed to last"