"As a brand, we want to be a positive force in the world, in the way we run our business – and beyond. We want to stand with people and organisations who are part of shaping a fairer, more sustainable future."


Mark Musgrave,
Founder & Designer

So, we have pledged to give a minimum of 3% of our annual profits to support charity partners with the incredible work that they do – from providing food parcels to vulnerable families, helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds to access outdoor spaces, through to conservation charities who help to protect our natural world.

Packing Positive Change

We also partner with an awesome social enterprise called Mail Out, who provide paid apprenticeship and employment opportunities for adults with learning difficulties – teaching them how to pick, pack and post our orders, as well as supporting them with their general health and wellbeing.

Which means with each and every order you place, together we support the amazing work that they do.

Ultimately, we know we cannot fix all the world's problems. But at least we can make a positive difference.