The Level Collective was started by Sheffield, UK based designer Mark Musgrave.

“The Level Collective is really just a passion side project that has kind of got out of hand. It’s a expression of my values and what energises me most in life. I seem to have found a worldwide community of people who share a heartbeat for outdoor adventures, creativity and ethical values.”













“Back in 2009, I travelled to Romania to volunteer with a charity who work with Roma communities in difficult circumstances.

One of their projects involves training people how to crochet. As I saw the difference this was making in their lives, I began to see the potential for people to earn a sustainable income and to help their families out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

This completely blew my mind.

It also made me wonder; who made my clothes? In what conditions? and were they paid fairly? I was tired of seeing generic, low quality, high margin, unethical, fast-fashion offerings so prevalent in clothing industry.

I knew I had to start something different…”














“I wanted to create something that expressed my passion for outdoor adventures, love for design, and conviction for ethical values.

From as far back as I can remember, I have loved being outdoors. There’s nothing quite like the connection and freedom of experiencing the vastness of mountains, the stillness of the forest, and the ferocity of the ocean. It’s humbling, yet energising.

I love to travel. Being immersed in natural beauty and embracing new cultures, sights, sounds, tastes, scents, and ways of being.The friendships that are made and deepened through the shared experiences. Making memories. Suddenly nothing is mundane, and everything is interesting. Travel changes the way you think.

As a designer, I wanted to collaborate with other artists to create designs that were artist-led and used analogue, skilled processes to develop artwork from raw pencil sketch and lino cut through to being hand screen printed here in Sheffield.

I wanted to challenge industry norms and start something that is fair or ‘Level‘ to everyone in the process. Makers should be paid fair wages, have fair employment contracts, and work in an excellent working environment. Materials should be sourced sustainably and responsibly, and customers should pay a fair price for high quality, original, design-led products.”













So on 24 February 2014, The Level Collective was born.

Since then, we have collaborated with artists and ethical makers from across the world to create a collection of ethically-made, adventure-inspired outdoor supplies.

We have grown slowly and organically through word of mouth with help from our inspiring and encouraging community on Instagram who share our ethos.

We are a creative community of wanderers, nomads and outsiders. We stand for adventure, design and change.

We are The Level Collective.