Backpack Care Instructions

This pack has been carefully crafted by hand, using British leather and premium waxed organic cotton from Halley Stevenson. It is designed to age beautifully, gaining natural character and colour along the way from everyday adventures.

To keep your pack looking as beautiful as possible, please follow these care instructions:

– Hand wash only, in cold water 30 degrees or below
– Do not tumble dry
– Do not iron
– Do not bleach
– Do not dry clean

    Wonderful when Wet

    When your pack inevitably gets soaking wet on those soggy rainy days (and don't worry, your kit inside will stay nice and dry), just leave your bag to dry in a warm room. Don't towel dry and don't place on direct heat, or anywhere close to a fire. Easy peasy.


    To ensure that your pack remains highly waterproof, we recommend re-proofing every 9-12 months, using a transparent waterproof spray such as Collonil Carbon Pro. Simply spray your pack lightly and then leave it to dry in a warm room.