Repair Workshop Enquiry

We're sorry to hear that your backpack has been loved to death. Please give us some details so we can take a look, and hopefully we'll find a way to breathe life back into it for you and your future adventures!

Next steps

1. Please give us some details below about your backpack and the issue you're having.
2. We'll then email you to request photos clearly showing the issue.
3. If it's something we think we can repair, we'll give you a quote.
4. Once agreed, you can post your backpack to us for us to repair.*
5. Once the repair is complete, we'll post it back to you free of charge.**

On average, repairs take about 4-6 weeks to complete. If for any reason the work exceeds this amount of time, then we’ll keep you updated.

*Please note that we cannot refund postage costs and are not responsible for any products lost in the post, so we recommend using tracked delivery.

**We will work with you to find the best possible solution to the wear and tear but we do reserve the right to determine that a product sadly is not repairable. 

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