Steve's Dad was a furniture maker, but like you do, he dabbled with knife making too. When he was young lad, Steve was shown the basics. This lit a spark in him which never went out. Now he's been making beautiful pocket knives for over thirty years.

Sheffield Pocket Knife Steve at work

It’s not very often one gets the privilege of witnessing a master craftsman taking a block of wood and a raw stainless steel blade and working them into a beautiful pocket knife.

Our hometown is Sheffield, UK, and for those of you who don’t know, Sheffield is famous for it's knife-making heritage, which dates back over 300 years. So, it only seemed fitting to collaborate with a local artisan to create a beautiful outdoor pocket knife.

It was such an interesting day and so inspiring to see the full creative process, so I thought I’d share some shots from the workshop.


Sheffield Pocket Knife wooden blocks

The knife handle is crafted from these simple blocks of Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) approved solid oak.

Sheffield Pocket Knife drilling close up one Sheffield Pocket Knife Close up drilling 2

Drilling two holes in each handle for brass pins that hold the knife together.

Sheffield Pocket Knife two halves of the handle

The two halves of the handle.

Sheffield Pocket Knife shelves and draws

Time warp: I love these original metal trays and equipment, dating back to the 1930’s.

Sheffield Pocket Knife nailing handles togetherNailing the handles together.

Sheffield Pocket Knife craft in progress

Sheffield Pocket Knife spanners and tools Sheffield Pocket Knife shelf of tools

Sheffield Pocket Tool - draw of blades

Sheffield Pocket Knife - Blade in handle

Inserting the blade into the handle.

Sheffield Pocket Tool - work station

Lubricating the folding mechanism.

Sheffield Pocket Knife - sparks flySparks fly — shaping the handle to run smooth with the stainless steel spring.

Sheffield Pocket Knife - polishing blade and bolster

Polishing the blade and bolster.

Sheffield Pocket Knife - sharpening the blade

Sharpening the blade.

Sheffield Pocket Knife - in Steve's handsThe finished knife, in the work-stained hands of the craftsman himself.

Sheffield Pocket Knife - open knife Mark Sheffield Pocket Knife - knife shut Mark

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